About Us

demo1We are not your typical "gym". We are not "Cross Fit". We are not "Curves". We are an exclusive, private training facility with a family of professionals who work with our clients to receive expert instruction in a non-intimidating environment.

After realizing that the traditional gym was not for them, Benjamin and Danette Mierzwak stepped out on their own opening Keola Total Fitness out of their garage. Six months later, they moved the gym into a tiny 800 sq/ft. studio off of Beacon Boulevard. In May 2012, the business moved once again to its current location of 1250 Harbor Boulevard #600.
This truly is a business built on the American dream. We followed a passion and have continued to grow. And as our business grows- so does our passion! We didn't have investors or any finical cushion, we were just two kids with a dream that continues to follow that dream and try and provide the best product that we can.

Our customized programs offer adaptable, effective and safe exercises that consistently yield results for all ages and fitness levels. We have real people getting real results.
We are here to help make every individual better and support them in their wellness endeavors.

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1250 Harbor Blvd. #600, West Sacramento, CA

(916) 388-4188