Benjamin Mierzwak

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Exercise and fitness have always been an integral part of my life. I started weight training at the age of 13 and haven't looked back. I attended Cal Poly Pomona where I studied exercise science and developed my love for the human body and movement. I quickly found employment at a local gym in West Sacramento that allowed me to build a group of clients that are still with me to this day.

I knew I had a unique way of doing things and wanted to run a gym differently, so in November 2009 I opened Keola Bodyworks, a place where people getting better and learning to move well was the goal. I am forever a student of movement and continue to learn and improve my product.  I have learned and trained along and under some of the best names in the business, taking from each of them their knowledge and putting it together to create a product that is uniquely mine.

I am here to help you get better and achieve your goals.
I look forward to seeing you in the gym!

Danette Mierzwak

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I always knew I wanted to work with people and make them healthier. I thought for many years I could accomplish this through nursing. After struggling to get into impacted nursing programs, I changed my path. I found that I could use fitness, nutrition, and bodywork to help people get better not through medicine but through hard work, good diet, and touch. I am working to become Precision Nutrition certified and am a California Certified Massage Practitioner.

I have been training in the gym for 3 years and enjoy seeing people reach their exercise potential. I enjoy helping people build nutrition programs that help them achieve the greatest benefit of their exercise programs. I enjoy teaching people how to take control of their health and maintain good habits.

I look forward to guiding you on your wellness path.


Chris Acosta

chris headshot 2019I have officially been a fitness instructor since 2011 but my experience as a fitness instructor began much earlier.

During my stateside service in the U.S. Army, I organized trail runs through the frigid mountains surrounding Ft. Drum, NY, to help combat Ft. Drum’s unfortunate reputation of heavy alcoholism and depression and continued the program throughout my deployment to Saudi Arabia in 1990 (trading in frigid mountains for scorching sand!).

Later on, during my 13 years with the City of Sacramento Utilities Dept.  I helped coordinate fitness classes before and after work to help with injury prevention and lost - time costs to the department. My decision to become a full – time trainer came about when an impromptu boxing lesson with a friend at the old 15th Street Fitness led to a full class without even appearing on the schedule!

These experiences have taught me that exercise is not limited by any circumstance:  It is open to anyone.  It does not hold you to another’s standard.  It is there for you.

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