Chris Acosta

chris headshot 2019I have officially been a fitness instructor since 2011 but my experience as a fitness instructor began much earlier.

During my stateside service in the U.S. Army, I organized trail runs through the frigid mountains surrounding Ft. Drum, NY, to help combat Ft. Drum’s unfortunate reputation of heavy alcoholism and depression and continued the program throughout my deployment to Saudi Arabia in 1990 (trading in frigid mountains for scorching sand!).

Later on, during my 13 years with the City of Sacramento Utilities Dept.  I helped coordinate fitness classes before and after work to help with injury prevention and lost - time costs to the department. My decision to become a full – time trainer came about when an impromptu boxing lesson with a friend at the old 15th Street Fitness led to a full class without even appearing on the schedule!

These experiences have taught me that exercise is not limited by any circumstance:  It is open to anyone.  It does not hold you to another’s standard.  It is there for you.

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