I've been going to Keola Total Fitness for over two years now. When I first started I was over weight and not very strong. Well, that all changed in two years. Ben started me out very light weightlifting on deadlifts, bench press and squats. Mornings would start with 1000m row and stretching (now it's Foundations, excellent). The first two months was technique and form so I wouldn't hurt myself. Lets start with bench press. I was told at 24 Hour Fitness that I can't do bench press because of shoulder issues. Not true. Ben, started me with a PVC pipe and worked on good form with no pain in the shoulders, we also worked on shoulder strength. I'm proud to say that I can now bench press 250lbs. Deadlifts, started very light weight and last fall at a tournament I lifted 330lbs, I'm very proud of that. Squats, never did them before, again started light weight and my best now is 285lbs. Ben, changes the lifting, sometimes just weight, sometimes weight and bands and sometimes with weights, bands and chains. When the heavy lifting is over Ben has me do several finishing workouts, lat. pulldowns, kettleball swings, pushups, leg and hip extentions, leg presses, lunges, sled pushing, chest presses on a cable machine, there are several more. He will choose three of these and that is what I finish with..

OK, I'm 69 years old will be 70 July. I'm strong, healthy and "HAPPY". I also want to thank Danette for working out with me, when I watch her lift it motivates me...  I really thank you Keola Total Fitness!!


Keola Total Fitness has made me more healthy and strong in my 30's than I ever was in my 20's! Their small friendly atmosphere creates an encouraging and supportive place that has been rewarding, challenging, and fun, and has helped me move towards my fitness goals.

Jen B

The morning begin with a warm up, usually on an Erg, and then deep, full-body stretches. Keola personally tailors the workouts to people with back issues, which means we do all of the regular exercises, but they are modified to protect our backs. The workouts are challenging and really allow the individual to push themselves. I'm still blown away that I can back squat with no pain. Not only do we have a workout crafted by Ben, and overseen by Danette, but they also help monitor our nutrition and keep us on track with bi-monthly weigh ins. This isn't just getting on a scale and seeing a number; our mass is broken down into water weight, muscle, fat and even our metabolic age is measured. Then, Danette gives us a diet based on composition. The best part about the entire system is there is no shaming. Everyone is supportive and genuinely cares for each other and cheers on progress. If the warm and fuzzy feelings aren't enough, I've lost several pounds of fat, gained a few pounds of muscle and my new goal is to maintain those losses and gains while increasing my hydration. There has been such a marked improvement that I hardly see the chiropractor anymore and even my boyfriend was inspired to join Keola. Now I realize that this might not be just my "rehab" gym, it might be my "how to work out with intelligent-high-intensity" gym.


Awesome work.
Love this place!

Sandra, Oroville, CA

Steve B

I've been extremely happy with Keola Total Fitness. I've been working with Ben since they operated out of a garage, and the increase in my strength and stamina has been great.  I have always been self conscious about being weak for my size. Now, I finally feel confident with my strength, and it just keeps improving.

Steve B. West Sacramento, CA

Pam C

I have been working with Danette for nearly two years and she is awesome. I have several friends that do training with Ben and they all really like him. The place itself has a great vibe and the owners are very nice and supportive.

Pam C., Sacramento, CA

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