Jen B

The morning begin with a warm up, usually on an Erg, and then deep, full-body stretches. Keola personally tailors the workouts to people with back issues, which means we do all of the regular exercises, but they are modified to protect our backs. The workouts are challenging and really allow the individual to push themselves. I'm still blown away that I can back squat with no pain. Not only do we have a workout crafted by Ben, and overseen by Danette, but they also help monitor our nutrition and keep us on track with bi-monthly weigh ins. This isn't just getting on a scale and seeing a number; our mass is broken down into water weight, muscle, fat and even our metabolic age is measured. Then, Danette gives us a diet based on composition. The best part about the entire system is there is no shaming. Everyone is supportive and genuinely cares for each other and cheers on progress. If the warm and fuzzy feelings aren't enough, I've lost several pounds of fat, gained a few pounds of muscle and my new goal is to maintain those losses and gains while increasing my hydration. There has been such a marked improvement that I hardly see the chiropractor anymore and even my boyfriend was inspired to join Keola. Now I realize that this might not be just my "rehab" gym, it might be my "how to work out with intelligent-high-intensity" gym.

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